Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chicken and Spinach with Gnocchi

I found some whole grain potato gnocchi at the store a while back that I've been dying to use so I decided to cook these with chicken and spinach. The result was a heartier gnocchi dish that was very filling.

In a large pan I caramelized thin slices of garlic in olive oil. To this I added some red chile flakes and sliced pieces of chicken breast that I cooked until brown.  I removed the chicken, deglazed the pan with some white wine and threw in a few handfuls of spinach.  At this point I dropped the gnocchi in boiling water and added the chicken back to the pan with some thinly sliced red onion.

To finish the dish I added the cooked gnocchi to the pan along with some cooking water to create a sauce.  I added pieces of Spanish goat cheese to give the dish some richness and depth of flavor.  I loved that this was relatively quick to put together, but it yields delicious results.  Something I will definitely be making again.

It went great with a glass of wine.

Extreme close-up!


  1. oh man, adding that thinly-sliced red onion at the last minute (just enough time to wilt it, but allowing it to retain its bite, i imagine) is a stroke of genius. and those gnocchi look pillowy and delicious.