Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Huevos al Horno con Pollo y Garbanzos en Salsa Morita

Tonight I made baked eggs with chicken and garbanzos with salsa morita.  I used left over chicken meat and chickpeas from a soup a made to form the main protein element in an egg bake.  To begin I sauteed the chicken and chick peas in olive oil in garlic.  There was no need to add salt, the chicken was sitting in broth for a couple of days.  I tossed in a few handfuls of spinach and wilted it for a couple of minutes.  After cooking the chicken I set this aside to cool for a bit.

Another element that I added to this was a salsa that I made from chile morita, chile guajillo, garlic, bay leaves, oreganod and cumin.  I soaked the chiles in boiling water for a bit before blending all the ingredients.  The chile morita (roasted, dried red jalapeño) adds a smokey flavor while the dried guajillo chile adds a deep red color and a bit of sweetness. 

In a large casserole I used tostadas to form a bottom layer to this dish.  I covered the tostadas with the chicken and cracked some eggs over the top.

I baked in the oven until the whites set a little, trying to keep the yolks runny.  I put the rest of the salsa in a bowl which I served on the side.


  1. This looks delicious and rather healthy too! How long did you have to bake it in the oven? I bet Andrew loved it!


  2. Se ve muy delicioso. Espero que los huevos (no los tuyos, sino los del plato) no hayan estado contaminados. :)