Wednesday, December 21, 2011

smoked salmon scrambled eggs

In my previous post, I mentioned picking up some smoked salmon along with the shrimp.  I wanted to make a quick post about what I did. 

First I have to say that the piece of salmon I got looked delicious, it was calling my name from the cases at Calumet Fisheries.  The particular piece I got was rubbed in garlic in black pepper prior to smoking.  I had to eat a few pieces of it alone and it was delicious.  One of my favorite combinations with smoked salmon are eggs.  I think they compliment each other so well and really allow the salmon to shine through.

I proceeded to remove the meat from the salmon and set aside.  scramble was made simply: eggs, smoked salmon and a touch of bleu cheese.  I've had salmon omelettes and scrambled eggs in the past with cream cheese or goat cheese so I felt that just a touch of bleu cheese would give a nice tang. I beat the eggs and let tossed them in a large skillet.  I let them set up a little bit before moving moving them around.  I then folded in the salmon and a bit of the cheese, took off the heat and covered. I wanted the eggs to maintain their creamy quality.  I served along some corn bread that I cut into pieces and toasted which went well with the texture of the salmon and eggs.

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