Tuesday, January 26, 2016

guisado de puerco

pork belly :). 
added cubed pork shoulder after rendering the belly fat.

poblanos, jalapeños, hungarian banana peppers charring over an open flame.

more chile action.

my pretty bowl of roasted chiles, I covered with a plastic bag to let them sweat.

using a knife, I scrap off the seeds on the inside and the charred skin on the outside.

getting some color on onion, tomatillos, garlic.  after, these were put in a blender with cumin, oregano, bay leaves.
chiles going in the molcajete. 
pretty chiles after getting smashed up.

i mixed the chiles and tomatillo mixture together and fried in the pork fat. this is halfway through stewing.

guisado de puerco con frijolitos and tortillas <3

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