Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Picadillo to me is one of those classic dishes that comes together easily and gets better the longer it sits.  There are many variations but typically it is a combination of ground (or chopped) beef with diced veggies.  Sometimes a few raisins and pieces of hard-boiled egg are thrown in as well.

For my picadillo I decided to combine ground beef with carrots, potatoes and green beans.  I chose not to go with raisins but I will be adding an egg later on.  To begin I sauteed onion, garlic and chile serrano until the onion became translucent. 

I then added the ground beef.  After the beef browned, I added the vegetables.  I cut them all relatively small so they could cook more quickly.  I threw the potatoes in a bit early but soon after I added the carrots and green beans.  I lowered the flame and let the beef sit for a bit while i combined a spice mix.

 I wanted to add some additional flavor to the picadillo, so in a small bowl I combined ancho chile, cumin, mexican oregano, salt and pepper.  These spices added warmth and smokiness to the beef.  I allowed everything to cook together for a few more minutes.

I served the picadillo in a bowl with sliced hard boiled egg.  Normally the egg is mixed in with the beef but the egg on top adds a nice touch.  I served with warm tortillas and dinner was ready.  The leftovers the next day were just as good if not better, so it is best to make a large batch!

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